Red Reference Alunite BNC 75 ohm, RCA 75 ohm, 1 meter

€ 955,00

The Alunite is a digital cable terminated with gold-plated BNC or RCA plugs. Structure: The cable has two silver-plated hot wires and a dense silver-plated braid. Impedance 75 Ohm. The screening applied and an additional DFSS filter results in the cable being free from the influence of external electromagnetic field. The cables are made in a standard lenght of 1 meter. Our cable's are made on request and the delivery time is about two or three weeks. Also above three meters is possible contact you dealer about the price.

The original cord is packed in a signed box. The box includes the certificate of authenticity, a brochure with the description of the series, a product code and a personal quality assurance. 
Alunite Reference – perfect transmission of digital signals.