Ultra Reference Genimedes 2,50 meter speakercable

€ 2.770,00

The changes to the new modification of the speaker cable were influenced by a new design of the conductor and introduction of dual rhodium-plating technology in the DCP process. The AML-ACP10 Rh plugs (both spade and banana) are made of brass, coated with a double layer of rhodium to ensure the best signal transmission. The plug body is made of non-magnetic antistatic material (POM-C AP50), which protects against overvoltages. The new conductive base is made of four silver-plated copper wires. The conductors are protected against an electromagnetic field by a dense braided screen. The replacement of the previous design of two conducting wires enables manufacturing Bi-wire and Bi-Amp versions of the cable.

The new version consolidates the nature of Genimedes, which is characterized by an exceptional sound purity. Moreover, Genimedes received the antistatic coupler made of POM-C AP50TM from Acoustic Points, which protects the surface of the cable from micro electrostatic charges. The coupler is mounted with a non-magnetic screw. The changes have initiated a significant redesign of the look and all Ultra Reference cables gained a new face and unique colour

The cables are made in a standard lenght of 2,5 meter. Our cable's are made on request and the delivery time is about two or three weeks. Also above 5,5 meters is possible contact you dealer about the price.