Ultra Reference Aura USB Cable 1 meter

€ 1.200,00

Aura Ultra Reference is a high quality USB cable. The base of the conductor is 7 wires made of copper OCC. Data transmission takes place in a closed system of triple shielding, which effectively eliminates noise and enables data transfer at high speed. Additional filtering DFSS or TFSS (optional) protects the signal and ensures reliable transmission of digital information with attention to detail. Moreover, application of antistatic coupler made of POM-C AP50TM from Acoustic Points provide excellent protection from static electrical changes. The elimination of micro charges on the cable surface helps to deliver a lossless signal. The coupler is mounted with a non-magnetic screw. High quality USB A / B plugs are made of brass and gold-plated conductive pins. The plug body is designed and printed in 3D technology.

The cable provides fantastic transfer of audio data. Aura Ultra Reference is designed to be connected to advanced audio systems and gives real musical experience from a computer or a music server.

The cables are made in a standard lenght of 1 meter. Our cable's are made on request and the delivery time is about two or three weeks. Also above 3 meters is possible contact you dealer about the price.