Consequence Pebble USB 1,0 meter

€ 1.560,00

Pebble is the highest quality digital USB interconnect made of OCC copper. The cable is built of four separately-screened and helical-twisted wires, where each wire consists of three parallel conductors. Such structure eliminates mutual electric currents’ induction by the magnetic field of neighbouring wires. We have applied an unique FEP isolator of great density and electrical correctness. Each of the four conductors is separately protected against electromagnetic field by aluminium foil (100% coverage). Pebble is thick, however, we managed to keep it very flexible, which facilitates the cable installation.
The DFSS or TFSS (option) filter enclosed in an anti-static coupler (Acoustics Points POM-C AP50TM) provides excellent protection against static electrical changes and eliminates micro charges on the cable surface helps to deliver a lossless signal. The coupler is mounted with a non-magnetic screw.
The highest quality USB A/B plugs are rhodium-plated in a two-stage galvanisation process (gold-plated conductive pins). The plug body is designed and printed in 3D technology.
The cable provides fantastic transfer of audio data. Pebble Consequence is designed to be connected to advanced audio systems. The whole construction is hand-assembled with attention to details.

The cables are made in a standard lenght of 1 meter. Our cable's are made on request and the delivery time is about two or three weeks. Also above 3 meters is possible contact you dealer about the price.